Tuesday June 27, 2017
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Animal Adoption


Welcome to the Wilkes County Animal Control adoption page.

Notice to Potential Adopters

Please be advised that there are certain risk factors associated with adopting any animal from the Animal Shelter. The risks are contributed to the abundance of animals impounded on a daily basis that have not had any preventative measures administers for health reasons. There is not a veterinarian or assistant on staff to provide any type of medical or diagnostic attention to any animal.

Adopters should be advised that it is possible for any animal at the Shelter to have come into contact with any or all of the following.

  • Parvo
  • Distemper
  • Intestinal Worms
  • Mites
  • Feline Leukemia
  • Rabies

Please be advised that most of these illnesses could be life threatening and veterinary attention is recommended immediately after exiting the Shelter.

All animals that leave the Shelter need to start preventative vaccinations immediately.

Wilkes County Animal Control is not responsible for any animal or veterinary bills that may result from the adoption of any animal.

A refund or exchange policy is implemented in the event that you adopt an animal that becomes sick and dies within a 30 day time period.

Detailed Information

When you adopt a cat or dog from the Wilkes County Animal Shelter your adoption fee pays for the following.

Kitten or Cat

  1. A physical examination
  2. A fecal smear (worm check) and de-worming for hookworms and roundworms.
  3. Basic cat or kitten vaccination
  4. Rabies shot at 4 months
  5. Spay or neutered at 6 months

Puppy or Older Dog

  1. A physical examination
  2. A fecal smear (worm check) and de-worming for hookworms and roundworms.
  3. A Distemper/Parvo Virus vaccine.
  4. Rabies shot at 4 months
  5. Spay or neutered at 6 months

Other Services are recommended and should be discussed with your veterinarian at the first visit. All other treatments or medications are the responsibility of the animal owner.


$65.00 for kittens and cats
$85.00 for puppies and dogs 50lbs. and under
$95.00 for puppies and dogs 50lbs. and over

*Refund Information

All animals adopted from the Wilkes County Animal Shelter shall be taken to a participating veterinarian within 3 days from the date of adoption. If for any reason your animal doesn't pass a physical examination, your money will be refunded at your request. The refund will take a minimum of 2 weeks. If you paid by check, we must wait until your check has cleared before you will be sent a refund. This should take approximately 3 weeks.

We highly Recommend that you carefully consider your present circumstances and home environment before choosing to adopt. Animals can demand special attention and cannot adapt suddenly to your schedule or lifestyle. Please try to understand that adjustment time needed when adopting. Only animals with health issues will be candidates for return.

Thank you for your understanding.

Participating Veterinarians

State Road Animal Hospital
1113 Klondike Road
State Road, NC 28670
Elkin Veterinary Clinic
786 Hwy 268 W
Elkin, NC 28621
Animal Hospital of Wilkes
1609 Curtis Bridge Rd
Wilkesboro, NC, 28697
Riverview Animal Hospital
239 Armory Rd
North Wilkesboro, NC 28659
Wilkes Veterinary Hospital
1007 2nd Street
North Wilkesboro, NC 28659
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