Tuesday June 27, 2017
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Boards and Commissions



Citizens interested in serving on a particular board should fill out a board application form indicating board preference and return it to the Wilkes County Clerk.  Completed application forms will be forwarded to the appropriate agency or department for consideration when vacancies occur.


AIRPORT ADVISORY BOARD:  Ten member board; members serve staggered three year terms; terms typically end as of September 30th with new terms beginning October 1st.  

ANIMAL CONTROL ADVISORY COMMITTEE:  Five member board appointed by the Board of Commissioners; board members are comprised of a sitting County Commissioner; two veterinarians; and two health department employees.  Board members serve at the pleasure of the Board of Commissioners.

BOARD OF EQUALIZATION & REVIEWThis is a special board that was set up by the County Commissioners by resolution that consist five board members.  Board members serve one year terms.  Board members must live in Wilkes County for at least three years prior to their appointment; have some knowledge of, or experience in, real estate, banking, farming, or other business management; and shall be the owner of real property located in Wilkes County.

BOARD OF HEALTHG.S. 130A-35 through 40.  G.S. 130A-39 states that “A local board of health shall have the responsibility to protect and promote public health.  The board shall have the authority to adopt rules necessary for that purpose.”  For single county board of health:  Residents of the county, 11 members, appointed by county commissioners, three year terms up to three terms and have a quorum to do business.  Board composition is physician, dentist, county commissioner, optometrist, veterinarian, registered nurse, pharmacist, professional engineer, and 3 representatives of the general public.  Board membership requirements are appointed by the county commissioners, chairperson is elected annually and the health director serves as secretary to the board.

COMMUNITY CHILD PROTECTION TEAM:  Board is composed of 12 mandated members representing mandated agencies and the County can appoint up to five additional members.  Members serve until they either decide to resign or the appointing agency or Board of Commissioners wish to appoint a new person.

HIGH COUNTRY WORKFORCE DEVELOPMENT BOARD:   The Workforce Development Board is a business-led board that provides independent policy guidance regarding a broad range of workforce development issues that affect the region. In addition, they have specific oversight roles for local Workforce Investment Act programs and JobLink Career Centers. All board members are volunteers. The majority of sitting board members represent private business. Other members are selected from the leadership ranks of the education, economic development, social services, and the NC Employment Security Commission, as well as other key players. The twenty-three members of the High Country Workforce Development Board serve the counties of Alleghany, Ashe, Avery, Mitchell, Watauga, Wilkes, and Yancey.  Wilkes County appoints two members from private businesses and one member from the public sector.  Board members serve staggered two year term, with no limits as long as you meet the board requirements.

JURY COMMISSION:  The Board makes one appointment to this committee every two years.   

LIBRARY BOARD:  Nine member board with the County appointing all nine members with one member being a County Commissioner; members serve staggered four year terms; members can serve a maximum of two consecutive four year terms, but they can be reappointed after being off the board for one year.  Four board members shall serve on the Appalachian Regional Library Board as well.  The President of the Friend of the Library is considered an ex officio member.

LONG TERM CARE COMMUNITY ADVISORY COMMITTEE (NURSING HOMES)  First time members have a one year term; thereafter, terms are for three years.

LONG TERM CARE COMMUNITY ADVISORY COMMITTEE (REST HOMES):  First time members have a one year term; thereafter terms are for three years. 

NORTHWESTERN REGIONAL HOUSING AUTHORITYThis board is a public nonprofit trust--much like the airport authority. One member from each of seven counties is appointed by each County Commission one time every five years.  Controlling statute is NCGS 157.

SOCIAL SERVICESFive member board; two members are appointed by the Social Services Commission, two are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners, and the four members elect the fifth member.  Members serve three year term.  Board member responsibilities:

  • To select the county director of social services according to the merit system rules of the State Personnel Commission.
  • To advise county and municipal authorities in developing policies and plans to improve the social conditions of the community.
  • To consult with the director of social services about problems relating to his office, and to assist him in planning budgets for the county department of social services.
  • To transmit or present the budgets of the county department of social services for public assistance, social services, and administration to the board of county commissioners.
  • To have such other duties as the General Assembly, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Social Services Commission, or the Board of County Commissioners assign to it.
  • Supervise and evaluate the director, and provide oversight of the county department.
  • Establish the director’s salary, with the approval of the Board of County Commissioners.
  • Review the department’s fiscal and personnel needs and develop a strategy for meeting those needs.

VOLUNTARY AGRICULTURAL DISTRICT ADVISORY BOARD:  Nine member board with appointments to be made as of July 1 each year; all members must be a Wilkes County resident or land owner; at least 7 of the 9 members must be actively engaged in farming, horticulture or forestry; five of the board members based on names to be submitted by the Wilkes Soil & Water Conservation District Board, the Wilkes County Cooperative Extension Office, the Local US Farm Service Agency County Committee, the local Farm Bureau and the local office of the NC Forest Service – those five in turn select the additional four members, one of whom must be from each of the four agricultural districts in the County.  Members serve staggered three year terms.

WILKES COUNTY AGING ADVISORY COMMITTEE:  Twelve member board consisting of the Area Agency on Aging representative , local elected officials, older consumers, and aging service providers, public, private non-profit and for profit (Hospice, Social Services, Mental Health, Wilkes Cooperative Extension Service and Nursing Homes); Senior Tar Heel Legislature Delegate and Alternate, civic leaders; and older consumers.  Members serve a one year term.    

WILKES COMMUNITY COLLEGE BOARD OF TRUSTEESThe County has four appointments to this board.   Members serve staggered four year terms with no term limits.

WILKES JUVENILE CRIME PREVENTION COUNCILTwenty-one member board consisting of the following members:  School Superintendent or designee; Chief of Police; Local Sheriff or designee; District Attorney or designee; Chief Court Counselor or designee; Director, AMH/DD/SA, Director DSS or designee; County Manager or designee; Substance Abuse Professional; Member of Faith Community; County Commissioner; Two Persons under age 18; Juvenile Defense Attorney; Member of Business Community; Local Health Director or designee; Representative/United Way or other non-profit; Representative/Parks & Recreation; and three County Commissioner appointees.

WILKES JOINT PLANNING BOARDThis is a twelve member board and the County appoints eight members with Wilkesboro and North Wilkesboro appointing two members.  Board members serve staggered three year terms.  The Board of Adjustment is a five member board with two alternates that is comprised of Wilkes Joint Planning Board members.

WILKES TRANSPORTATION AUTHORITY BOARD OF DIRECTORS:  Eleven member board with one appointment being a County Commissioner and ten appointed by the County.  Requirements to serve staggered three year terms are as follows:  one member must be a representative of an agency in the County which serves senior citizens; one member must be a DSS employee; one member must be a Health Department employee; one member must be an employee of the Wilkes County Planning Department; one member must be an employee of a mental health agency; and five members are at-large members.


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