Saturday December 20, 2014
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Voter ID Information

No Description Available

Elected Officials Serving Wilkes County

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North Carolina Voter Registration Application/Update Form

MAIL TO: Wilkes County Board of Elections - 110 North Street - Wilkesboro, NC 28697

Elected Officials Serving Wilkes County Towns

Updated 01/24/14

2014 Candidate Filing Information

No Description Available

State Absentee Ballot Request Form

See form for instructions on submitting this form.

2014 General Election Notice

This is an official notice of an election to be conducted in WILKES County on 11/04/2014. This notice contains a list of all of the ballot measures and federal, State, and local offices this county expects, as of this date, to be on the ballot on the date of the election. (See Attachment)

Voter Guide Brochure

Voter Guide Brochure for Wilkes County

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