Tuesday June 27, 2017
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Grants Administration/Loans

Wilkes County Grants Administration offers grants for home repairs, public works, neighborhood improvements, Urgent health & safety home repairs and more...

Housing and Community Development

Wilkes County provides assistance for low-income families to fix up their homes. Loans and grants are made to qualifying homeowners with special needs.

Community Development Block Grant Program (CDBG)

Wilkes County applies to the State Division of Community Assistance for CDBG funds. In general, CDBG funds may be used to carry out a wide range of Community Development activities directed toward neighborhood revitalization, economic development, and the provision of improved community facilities and public services. Specific activities may include and are not limited to the rehabilitation of blighted and deteriorated housing, construction of streets, water and sewer facilities. Also, for-profit businesses may be assisted in carrying out economic development activities, which generate jobs in the community. Beneficiaries of the CDBG program must be low-and moderate-income families and in some cases very low income families.

Currently, under the CDBG program Wilkes County offers a Scattered Site housing Rehabilitation Program to qualified economically disadvantaged homeowners in the county. The program goal is to assist those who live in their homes to make the necessary repairs needed to bring the house up to an acceptable program standard.

Urgent Repair Program (URP)

Periodically, Wilkes County receives funds from the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency to assist very low-income Wilkes County homeowners with the alleviation of housing conditions, which pose an imminent threat to their life or safety. In addition the Urgent Repair Program furnishes accessibility modifications and other repairs necessary to prevent the imminent displacement of very low-income homeowners with special accessibility needs such as the frail elderly and persons with disabilities.

Up to $3,500.00 can be provided for home repair to these individuals who must meet one or more special needs. Homeowners must either be an elderly head of household, disabled head of household, single parent with one or more children in the home, have a large Family, or have a child in the home with an elevated blood lead level. Homes with disabled or elderly family members are also eligible.


Wilkes County 2012 CDBG Urgent Repair Program (URP)



Application and Eligibility Certification

Assistance Policy

2013 Urgent Repair Program Policy

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