Agent Orange Registry

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Title 38 United States Code (U.S.C.) 1710 (formerly 610), provides for health care only to veterans exposed to herbicides in Vietnam. Health care services may not be provided under this authority for the care of conditions that are found to have resulted from a cause other than the specified exposures. This authority provides for health care only, the determination that the veteran is eligible for such care does not constitute a basis for service-connect or in any way affect determinations regarding service-connection.

Vietnam Era veterans exposed to phenoxy herbicides outside the Vietnam Theater of War are not eligible for health care under this authority. Individuals who served as civilians in Vietnam, are not eligible for health care under this authority unless they also served as a member of the Armed Forces in Vietnam during the Vietnam Conflict. Since the establishment of this program approximately 1,050 Vietnam veterans have received examinations at this facility.

Veterans that served in the Republic of Vietnam that desire to have their name placed on the Agent Orange Registry must have an examination completed. To schedule an Agent Orange Registry examination contact Troy L. Graggs or Belinda Johnson by calling 919-286-0411, extension 6257. An examination will be scheduled with our Environment Physician Assistant, Robert Osman, P.A.

Eligibility Criteria

A veteran, male or female, who had active military service in the Republic of Vietnam between 1962 and 1975 expressing a concern relating to exposure to herbicides, is encouraged to participate in the Agent Orange Registry Program which includes a thorough medical examination.

Veterans who did not serve in Vietnam are not eligible for the Agent Orange examination. Exposure to Agent Orange or any of the other classes of herbicides used elsewhere, other than Vietnam, does not confer eligibility for purposes of the Agent Orange Registry. Such individuals may have been permanently assigned elsewhere during the period of the Vietnam Conflict, i.e., Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, at sea, etc., however the crucial factor is that the individual was physically present in Vietnam.