Visitation Policy

General Policies

  • Inmates in Wilkes County Jail are allowed 1, free 15 minute visit per week from the public lobby of the Wilkes County Jail. These visits must be scheduled online.
  • Visitors can purchase and schedule online visits through
  • Juveniles (persons under age 16) may visit if they are accompanied by their parent or legal guardian.
  • Intoxicated visitors, or visitors who become loud, disruptive, fail to control their children, or otherwise violate Jail Facility rules may be asked to leave and/or be banned from the Wilkes County Jail.
Review the scheduled visitation hours and days.

Visitation Dress Policy

Visitors will be required to wear clothing appropriate for visitation within a Jail Facility atmosphere. Visitors are expected to dress in a manner that demonstrates respect and doesn't compromise safety for one's self and others. If a visitor is dressed or groomed in a way that disrupts the orderly process of visitation or reveals too much of the body for a Jail Facility setting, that visitor will not be allowed to enter the Jail Facility.


The following list is not all inclusive but provides guidelines regarding what is appropriate/inappropriate for Jail Facilities:
  • Shirts and shoes are required to be worn inside of the building.
  • Blouses, tops and shirts shall have no exposed shoulders, chests or midriffs. Tank tops or spaghetti straps are unsuitable for Jail Facilities; however, sleeveless blouses are acceptable.
  • Dresses, skirts and shorts shall reach fingertip length.
  • Pants shall fit appropriately at or near the waist. Wearing pants far below the waist and covering up with large shirts is unacceptable.
  • Clothing that exhibits logos and sayings, which include profanity, sexual innuendoes, or references to violence, alcohol, tobacco, or potentially inflammatory statements, are prohibited.
  • Hats, bandanas, knit caps, sweatbands, or head coverings will not be worn in the building.
  • Heavy chains attached to clothing including wallet chains are prohibited.
  • Sunglasses should not be worn in the building.
  • See-through clothing or any clothing that exposes undergarments is prohibited.