Community Interest

  1. Archived Reports

    The Wilkes County Health Department, in partnership with the Wilkes Regional Medical Center and the Health Foundation, Inc., as part of a local community health needs assessment (CHNA) process and accreditation process for the Wilkes County Health Department publishes a series of reports related to the health status and needs of our community, Wilkes County.

  2. Community Links

    Find state, local, and national health related resources and links.

  3. Community Resources Guide (PDF)

    View the Health Department's Community Resource Guide for Wilkes County.

  4. Diabetes Education

    The Wilkes County Diabetes and Nutrition Center began in 2009 as part of the Wilkes County Health Department. Since then, it has grown to become the largest American Diabetes Association accredited Health Department Diabetes program in the state.

  5. Frequently Asked Questions

    View answers to frequently asked questions concerning health-related issues.

  6. Health Education & Promotion

    Our Health Promotion department is dedicated to promoting health and preventing disease and injury in our community.

  7. Physical Fitness

    If we could package the benefits of physical activity in pill form, it would be a miracle drug, yet less than half- only 44% of North Carolinians get the recommended amounts of physical activity.

  8. Wilkes Healthy Carolinians Council

    Wilkes Healthy Carolinians Council is an advocate for health care reform, it is a catalyst for improving quality, access continuity and coordination of health care services in Wilkes County since 1993.