Childcare Center Inspections

Childcare centers are inspected at least once every six months. Inspections may be conducted at any childcare facility as often as necessary to ensure compliance with state sanitation standards. Child care centers are rated Superior, Approved, Provisional, or Disapproved based on a demerit-score grading system.

Scope of Inspection

During an inspection, Environmental Health Specialists check for:
  • Temperatures, handling, and preparation of food
  • Diapering and diaper changing facilities
  • Safety and cleanliness of indoor and outdoor toys and equipment, furniture, beds, cots, linen
  • Hand washing of staff and children
  • Lighting and heating/cooling environment
  • Hot water temperatures at sinks that are accessible to children

Grade Cards

Points called demerits are taken away for each item not up to code on the official inspection form. Each demerit is reviewed with the owner/operator of the restaurant. The grade card is posted where it can be easily seen by the public. All establishments are required by law to keep their grade card posted.